Selling Women Online

It’s probably incredibly understated to say that I’m really not an American Football guy. I’m not much of a traditional sports fan in general. So I definitely don’t follow much of the media surrounding sports, either. It was only via Rebecca Eisenberg on Upworthy that I ran across Katie Nolan’s recent discussion of the place …

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We Have to Justify the Seasonal Hires in Graphics!

So, I was on, as one tends to be when there’s a crazy thunderstorm outside and is looking for any warnings, and I notice a link to an article with the subtitle Is the Atlantic Hurricane Season Underwhelming?. Allow me to offer this paraphrase: There haven’t been any hurricanes this season, but historically there …

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It’s the little things that hurt

I shouldn’t be surprised, but once again am disappointed at this tidbit over at Newsarama: Thursday artist Kevin Maguire announced via Twitter that he had been unexpectedly “fired” from Justice League 3000, the upcoming ongoing series reteaming him with former collaborators Keith Giffen and JM DeMatteis set in the 31st Century. And while declining to …

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